• BIELER (Confessio & Epistola Latin):
    © 1993 Royal Irish Academy
  • Confessio and Epistola English:
    © 2003 Pádraig McCarthy
    “You are encouraged to copy this freely, as long as you include the copyright notice as on the front. Please look only to cover the costs you incur.”
  • Confessio and Epistola Gaeilge:
    © 1960 F.Á.S. [Foilseacháin Ábhair Spioradálta]
    Mac Philibín, Liam, Mise Pádraig: Nua-aistriú Gaeilge ar scríbhinní Naomh Pádraig (Dublin [Baile Átha Cliath], 1961).
  • Confessio and Epistola Italian:
    © 1985 Edizioni Borla
    Malaspina, Elena, Gli scritti di San Patrizio: alle origini del cristianesimo irlandese, in Cultura cristiana antica (Rome, 1985).
  • Confessio and Epistola Portuguese:
    ©/CC 2007, 2011 Dominique Vieira Coelho dos Santos
  • Confessio German:
    ©/CC 2011 Franz Fischer
  • Confessio and Epistola English verse:
    © 1888 Royal Irish Academy  

Manuscript Images

  • Dublin, Book of Armagh, TCD 52
    © Board of Trinity College Dublin
  • Paris, BnF lat. 17626
    © Bibliothèque nationale de France
  • London, BL Cotton Nero E.1
    © The British Library Board
  • Rouen, BM 1391
    © Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale
  • Salisbury, Cathedral Library 221
    © Salisbury Cathedral Library
  • Salisbury, Cathedral Library 223
    © Salisbury Cathedral Library
  • Arras, BM 450
    © Médiathèque Municipale d'Arras
  • Oxford, Bodleian Rawlinson B 480
    © Bodleian Library, University of Oxford  

Print Editions

  • White
    © 1905 Royal Irish Academy
  • Gwynn (transcription)
    © 1913 Royal Irish Academy
  • Bieler
    © 1993 Royal Irish Academy
  • Gwynn (facsimile)
    © 1937 Irish Manuscript Comission
  • Papebroch
    ©/CC 2011 HyperStack
  • Ware
    ©/CC 2011 HyperStack 

Tírechán & Muirchú

  • Tírechán (Latin and English)
    © 1979, School of Celtic Studies (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
  • Muirchú (Latin and English)
    © 1979, School of Celtic Studies (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Commissioned Articles

  • St Patrick’s Writings: Confessio and Epistola
    ©/CC 2011 David Kelly
  • Pillars of Conversion in Muirchú and Tírechán: Two Case Studies
    ©/CC 2011 Elizabeth Dawson
  • Tírechán: Biography and Character Study
    ©/CC 2011 Terry O’Hagan
  • The Staff, the Snake and the Shamrock: St Patrick in Art
    ©/CC 2011 Rachel Moss
  • About the HyperStack
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  • The Technologies of the HyperStack
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  • Seeking Patrick (Text)
    © 2011 Derick Mockler
    Derick Mockler has asserted his right to be acknowledged as the author of the novel Seeking Patrick, composed on behalf of the St Patrick's Confessio Hypertext Stack project (2008-2011).  The stated author holds and retains the copyright in this work, including its audio and any other forms, and courteously permits the Royal Irish Academy and its assigns without temporal limitation to publish it on line in any format provided that any such publication shall bear this copyright statement.
  • Novel Map
    ©/CC 2011 Sarah Gearty
  • Novel Audio
    © 2011 Derick Mockler; musical samples from Divine Art DDA25065 "Apostle Of Ireland" by permission of Divine Art Limited, © 2008; the full CD of the music can be ordered from most good record dealers world wide, or by secure online purchase  from Divine Art at - order page for sales in sterling and shipping from UK at and for US $ and shipping from Vermont at


  • Confessio Dialogue (adapted from “My Name is Patrick”, © 2003 Pádraig McCarthy)
    ©/CC 2011 Kate Younger & Anthony Harvey