FAQ-Bieler's Latin edition

The base text of the HyperStack is the electrionic version of Bieler's scholarly edition of the Confessio from 1950/51.

Each paragraph of the Confessio is displayed with the relevant entries in the threefold apparatus (criticus, fontium & biblicus) and commentary notes. A click on an apparatus will open a box with annotations related to this paragraph.

When you hover over an entry in the apparatus the related passage in the Confessio text will be highlighted.

There are a number of different hyperlinks within the apparatus:
Some hyperlinks link to the image of a particular manuscript witness (1). Other hyperlinks represent manuscript groups, that can be resolved via hovering over them (2). Further hyperlinks might lead to online bible editions, internal resources or the bibliography (3).

A click on a hyperlink leading to a manuscript witness will open the relevant folio in the right column. On the bottom of the image is the name of the manuscript, arrows to navigate you through the folio pages and a link to close the image viewer. The Latin text of this paragraph is still displayed right under the MS-image.

In the right corner next to the search box is navigation that brings you to the next or previous paragraph of the Confessio.

Under the Latin text is a pop-up menu linking the passages of the Confessio text to the same passages in translations, the relevant page in print editions or the folio in the manuscript witnesses.

In the right-top corner is a search box allowing to search the Latin text. The search results will be displayed next to the paragraph. Each search result is a hyperlink navigating you to the relevant paragraph where the word was found in. The word is highlighted in the Latin text.